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Letters from the Ukraine

Amanda & Lorraine
L'Viv, Ukraine

June 18, 2007
Pastor Charlie,
God blessed us greatly getting to the Ukraine without a hitch.  It was tough to communicate to the people in the Ukrainian airports but God got us through.  We had no problems going through customs, we had to go through customs before we got to L'viv and we walked right on through.  Praise God.  Vieta and Ulianna met us at the airport and we were so glad to see familiar faces.
We are now staying at the city house for this week just helping the McCann family with daily choirs, cooking, cleaning, washing winter jackets and we will be shampooing the carpets and cleaning the windows before we go to the village house on Sunday or Monday where we will join the kids and play and minister with them.  We are staying with all of the older girls, around 8 of them, they are so great and they are so much fun.  One girl Christa is giving me and Lorraine a hard time and playing jokes on us and tickling us.  We are just blessed to be here.  We just want to praise God because it was such an internal struggle just to get here.  I know God will do such great things in us, and through us here.
We are excited about camp and working with the kids, the children, the girls we have already met are amazing so we are expecting even more blessings when we meet the rest of the children.  We are expecting great things!  I will email you again at the end of this week because i am unsure of the communication in the village.
God bless
Amanda and Lorraine


Map with L'Viv Ukraine Highlighted
Red arrow points to L'Viv, Ukraine.